“Consultation” is defined as any of the following: (1) LIVE MEETING between The Astro Lab and client at a mutually agreed upon location, (2) ONLINE VIDEO CHAT between The Astro Lab and client on a mutually agreed upon platform, (3) REMOTE WORK completed independently by The Astro Lab, documented with a time sheet provided to the client. 


The Astro Lab will discuss potential meeting times with the client. Upon mutual agreement of meeting time, the client books a consultation and receives a calendar invite. Upon booking, The Astro Lab will also send an email confirming date, time, and location of the consultation. Cancellations within 48 hours of confirmed consultation will incur a $50 fee billed at the following consultation.


Payment is required upon completion of any of the following: (1) SERVICE PRODUCT, a specific consultation package with a set price (see Products for complete list); (2) TIMED SESSION, an open-format consultation billed at $150 per hour (minimum 1 hour, rounded up to nearest 15 minutes);  or (3) PROJECT, an agreement to pay a set price for work to achieve a specific result following consultation(s). Full payment is due at the end of each consultation unless specified otherwise in advance. Client must reimburse The Astro Lab for any expenses incurred during consultation. Invoices must be paid within one week of completed consultation.


The Astro Lab, LLC will offer personal technology consulting as an independent contractor at the agreed upon terms listed above, with all intellectual property remaining confidential and exclusive to the Client. Both parties agree to safeguard all Client data, and data loss cannot be used as cause for legal action. Work can start or stop at any time as agreed upon by both parties.

Copyright, The Astro Lab LLC.