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Digital Simplicity Bootcamp


The relentless pace of tech presents a foreboding hazard:

With more devices and services comes more gridlock.

The average person spends 6 hours a day on email, yet most people find themselves in a productivity black hole.

This is about to change. Join our crash course, get control of your inbox, and find modern peace of mind. Our personalized coaching helps you confront your email issues head-on and walk away with a more efficient workflow.

Participants won't sit through a lecture, but will be making specific changes to their email habits that will last. 

- Minimize email overload.
- Develop faster email response times.
- Move through your inbox more efficiently.
- Search faster with automatic sorting and filters.
- Learn techniques for better email etiquette.
- Regain efficiency and productivity.
- Focus on what matters.


There are only 2 seats available per week.

Choose between Live Course (in New York City) or Online Webinar.

Due to scheduling limitations, date changes require the purchase of a new ticket.

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