Young BK ☓ Soloist Collective

In the next decade, there will be more self-employed individuals in the United States than those working for companies. With that in mind, a group of young entrepreneurs in Brooklyn are leading the charge as Young BK Professionals, and The Astro Lab joined them for their first major outreach event of 2018 - a night of networking at the upscale co-working space Camp David with The Soloist Collective.


This was the first collaboration at the new space in Industry City near Sunset Park, and it did not disappoint. Guests were treated to a fantastic array of exotic bar snacks (including fresh shelled almonds that were the hit of the party), as well as a generous selection of on-tap beers, ciders, and wines. The space was well-suited for mingling, with a bar area, lounge chairs, and tables for larger groups.


The highlight of the night was a presentation by Jack Cashion of the Soloist Collective, who stressed the importance of creating strong local communities of independent professionals. Small groups of 5 to 15 meet up weekly to discuss their victories and defeats, sharing the weight of each other's stories. They also work at the challenging intersection of local and global by using the Prefer app to connect on a larger scale.


On the whole, the night proved to be fruitful for all three organizations involved, creating a buzz and a connected energy that will greatly serve Brooklyn and the global community. We're excited to see what's next for all of our local partners as we continue to build a better Brooklyn.

Robbie Klein