The Social Activist Gets up to Speed

Tyler is a transgender writer, speaker, and media personality with a voice that cuts through the noise and speaks truth to power. So when it came time to jumpstart their digital life, they didn’t waste any time.


Our big goal was setting up your computer with a faster drive, memory, and software to keep you up to speed in today’s digital world. What kind of problems were dragging you down?

I’ve had my computer since 2012 - by now, it's performance just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I’d begun to avoid using my computer, choosing instead to work around it with my phone, but the workarounds were just as inconvenient as the speed of the computer itself.

There are a lot of DIY tech helpers out there these days. What led you to work with us instead of doing it yourself?

I thought about trying to fix everything myself by following YouTube tutorials, but considering the fact that my computer is basically my life, I didn’t want to take any chances. I was very worried that I would mess something up or come to some block in the road that I wouldn’t know how to get around without help, so I contacted Robbie.
I know Robbie to be a smart, kind, and trustworthy person via prior professional and personal interactions with him, so I felt extremely comfortable letting him take the lead on this one. As a result, the entire process was smooth, efficient, and stress-free. Not only do I have an upgraded computer that I love, but I learned some great tips and tricks about how to better utilize my machine. 


We’re really excited to see what’s next for you. Any surprises or sneak peeks in store?

Thanks! In June, I’ll be making my debut as a cartoon character on Amazon’s Danger & Eggs! It’s my childhood dream come true. 
Robbie Klein