The Light Phone

There are few ideas in technology that excite me these days. Nearly everything is designed to steal more of your attention, leaving you stressed and confused with too many choices. We need more focus, not features.

IMG_0773 2.JPG
But when I learned about The Light Phone, I had to try it. The idea is to remove yourself from the chaos of the smartphone world by forwarding your calls to a single purpose device. The Light Phone only makes and receives calls - it’s designed to be used as little as possible, so you can focus on living in the moment.
IMG_0776 2.JPG
The “box” is probably the coolest part of the whole thing… it’s a book. Reminding you that life exists in the physical world, not on a screen.
IMG_0775 2.jpg
There are 15 pages of beautiful film photography, reminding you to reconnect with nature.
IMG_0779 2.jpg
And the device itself hides on the last page.
IMG_0782 2.jpg
 After running the assistant app on my computer, I now have a tiny phone that allows me to stay connected, but pushes me to live without the rest. For me, this is a practice I'll engage in when on vacation, on retreat, or when I need a break. It's the closest thing to a digital cleanse. While the official launch isn't until December, you can pre-order here. I'm looking forward to intentional breaks from tech, embracing an even more simplified lifestyle in the months ahead.
Robbie Klein