The Small Business Owner Reins It In

Robin runs a wholesale giftware sales company with a national reach of over 10,000 stores across the United States. Her team of 30 sales reps carries the weight of a business twice its size - so for Robin, effective technology and communication is a must. 

We sat down at her office in South Florida to look at new ways to improve her workflow and collaboration with her team.



Our largest task was streamlining the way you share materials with your team as well as third party vendors. Tell us about your new setup.

Simple is best, and what Robbie did for me was make saving, sharing and organization of all the companies' critical sales and marketing materials super easy to access while maintaining security - it's lovely.  Gives me time to focus on driving sales and managing the business, and minimizes the time spent on organizing and filing data. Now this is happening seamlessly.  I love it! 


A big victory for you was creating an integrated document workflow. How's it working so far?

Robbie set me up with Google Drive and Dropbox so everything is saved in the cloud - super easy to organize and share, and I never have to worry about backing anything up.  I love the simplicity, the graphic ease of accessing everything, and how secure the setup is for critical documents.




How does it feel to finally be organized?

My goal has always been for technology to never get in the way, but to be a tool that enhances my business. That's what is happening now with my new setup. I can be anywhere in the world on any device and get access to what I need, when I need it. It's very empowering.

Robbie Klein