The Actor Focuses on Her Craft

Kate Adams is an an actor and performer in Los Angeles with a modern sensibility and a deliberate style. So when it came to focusing her online presence, she needed to make a strong impact. From shaping a website to building a digital press kit, there was plenty of work to be done. During a recent visit to Brooklyn, she sat down with us to talk about her tech workflow.


Most people would call you a 21st-century entrepreneur - juggling film, theater, and commercials. How does your digital life affect your acting career?

Due to the range of media of my work, it's crucial for me to have a way of consolidating my projects at the end of the day. Rather than having multiple ongoing ventures in disparate locations, a centralized method of organization for my projects helps me stay focused. From archived footage to works-in-progress, it's so helpful to actually know where everything is.
As an actor (or any type of artist), it's extremely important to display professionalism in addition to the creative voice you bring to the table. By knowing where everything is, I can at any moment share my process with someone in a way that doesn't feel scattered or half-realized.

We discussed the importance of a modern digital press kit, and we were able to build a great one. Can you tell us why you wanted one and how it helps you?

I'm in the process of looking for new acting representation and it's very important to have a PDF that can go into an email and provide just the right amount of information. It had to be simple enough to make a statement at first glance, but also include my resume and important details regarding my background and current work. In the entertainment industry there is such a short attention span and it's really important to have a digital voice and style. That's exactly what The Astro Lab helped me create!

After consolidating all of your work, we were able to build a simple online structure that hosts all of your content. How does the new setup feel?

It has been life changing!! I always took for granted that my digital organization is a direct reflection of my physical organization. I’ve learned through experience that my creative spontaneity comes only when I feel anchored by order and structure….
A favorite quote of mine by Flaubert: "Be steady and well-ordered in your life so you can be bold and original in your work.” 
Robbie Klein