The Confident and Savvy Communicator

Jeffrey Lawrence has enjoyed a decades-long career as an actor and cabaret performer throughout the world, now living in New York to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He became a Broadway investor two decades ago and didn’t need technology much then. But these days his communication is all digital.




Since we met you’ve adopted modern technology with open arms. What are some things you wanted to learn?

I knew I had a long way to go with using my devices to their fullest potential. And I was missing out on important talks and meetings because I wasn't using email or texting. Now I’ve been able to get in touch with more people and get my thoughts across to them quickly. Things move much faster now.

Aside from work, you’ve also conquered online shopping. What's been your favorite score?

Definitely my Sama Mulholland Drive sunglasses. I saw them at a boutique in New York but then we went online and found them at half price. Saving money was the way to go! I wear them out all the time.


How do you feel keeping up with tech compared to when you first began?

I’m still learning but it’s a day to day effort. Luckily Robbie has been very patient with me, and I’m doing things I never would have tried without his help. I’m ahead of the game somewhat, and for that I’m beyond thankful.
Robbie Klein