The Wellness Entrepreneur Takes Care of Herself

Holland is a self-love advocate who runs a lifestyle blog titled Her Love Lessons.  A major component of her work involves sharing visual quotes, images, and inspirations with her base. So a neatly organized photo library was a must - we shared coffee over video chat and talked about her flow.


The core of your work originated in some part from your inspiring posts on Instagram. What do your images mean to you and your followers?

What was terrifying for me to share might be validating, inspiring, or energizing for another, depending on her needs, her desires, or her fears. Each post speaks to each reader a little differently. And that’s exactly what I’m getting at: teaching each woman to take care of herself intuitively and sustainably in whatever ways serve her best.

Gathering your data into one place wasn’t easy - between Google, Amazon, and iCloud, we had our hands full. What were your fears surrounding your photo collection?

The dysfunction of my photo library had me running digital defense, throwing together temporary solutions rather than taking time to construct a sustainable system. At the back of my mind, I knew it couldn’t last, but I was afraid to go deep and address the issue head-on before working with The Astro Lab.

Now that you’ve got an organized library, how’s everything going? How has your digital routine changed?

The beauty of the solutions Robbie implemented is that I have no digital routine. It’s completely automatic. Everything spontaneously syncs from device to device without any time or effort on my part. It works for me because it’s totally intuitive and sexy as hell!
Robbie Klein