The Design Minimalist Takes on His Tech

Graham is widely known for his pared-down approach to living. His TED talk “Less Stuff, More Happiness” has over 3 million views, and he was recently featured on the cover of Dwell Magazine. We sat down with Graham to tackle his next big project - his digital life.




The initial spark that got us talking was your fragmented collection of photos, documents, and notes. Now that everything is streamlined into a single system, what’s your new outlook on your technology?

I am breathing a huge sigh of relief! The disorganization and fear of losing important photos and documents has been with me for a decade at least. I believe that as in physical space, everything should have a home... in digital, every element should have a place too. These are tools that are meant to help us enjoy our lives and get work done... it's life-changing to have a solid system that doesn't waste my time and cause frustration.


You’ve got a bit of a "smart home” going on already. With the integration of all your tech, what does you new setup look like?

I like to experiment, so I'm messing around with stuff like:
Amazon Echo, Tap and Dot
- Google Home
- Kanto Bluetooth Speakers
- Apple TV and AirPlay
- Hunter Douglas automated blinds
- Blueair + Sense Air Purifier and Aware air sensor
- Insteon lighting system and app
- Edyn plant sensor
- BigAss Haiku sensor ceiling fan
- Plumen LED lighting
and a few other things...




Finally, what’s next for you on the design front?

We want to do larger projects so that within a few years we are doing apartment buildings. We aim for really low footprints, great functionality and style as well as being financially sustainable. And now we're making technology an even bigger part of our work.
Robbie Klein