The Nonprofit Champion with No Time to Waste

Desiree is the co-founder of Child Rescue Coalition, which partners with law enforcement and child advocates around the world to shield, rescue, and safeguard children from sexual exploitation through advanced technology. We met in her office in Manhattan to look at her own tech setup.



When we started, you were in pretty dire straits with your computer and had a big few months of work coming up, so we cleaned up your workflow and started with a fresh laptop. Can you describe what was going on?

I was working off an outdated system with a laptop, a Mac tower, and my iPhone. None of my systems were properly synced, and my cloud was a mess.  In addition, staff in my Florida office were also in a similar situation.

After a few weeks with your new setup, how does it feel?

It feels amazing. All of my documents and files are right at my fingertips at all times.  My system is sleek and fast. It's a breeze to find everything, and my Cloud is finally syncing across all my devices.  


And finally - we had a blast together at your annual fundraising gala last week. You must be quite proud.

I couldn't be more proud of our gala fundraiser. I have to credit The Astro Lab for part of my success. Without this new system, I couldn't have kept so organized in the planning process. Thanks so much for streamlining my tech! 
Robbie Klein