The Family Man Brings it All Together

Clifford runs a music production studio in Brooklyn, and there are more years in his storied career than that of both his kids combined. His attention to detail with sound is top-notch, but when it came time to sorting out his photos, he needed some outside help with digital organization.


You had a dozen hard drives, a couple of computers, and a few phones that all had different photos on them. What made you finally decide to take on this project?

I was seriously worried that I would lose it all. Staying on top of organization is tricky while capturing the moment. The moment always took priority and I ended up with different operating systems and storage situations over the years. Getting them on the cloud and backed up has given me a huge sigh of relief.

Unlike many people, you would probably consider yourself at least somewhat tech-savvy being a sound engineer. Yet this project was still a big one. What do you think makes it such a daunting task for most people?

Old dogs can't learn new tricks. The method has changed, and the time commitment to learn every new twist from Apple and others took too much time. It was best to get Robbie in to explain things as they are now, and I feel like this storage method isn't changing for long while.
Clifford's home studio

Clifford's home studio

How are things now that you’ve got a single library for all of your family memories?

Much of these memories are keepsakes, but I know they will be there for me and my kids. You can't really put a price on that.
Robbie Klein