The IT Professional Brings it Home

Robert’s company, WIN-911, provides a software platform that makes factories and public infrastructure operate more efficiently in seventy countries throughout the world.  So when he had the opportunity to make his own digital life more efficient, he signed up without hesitation.


You’re a pioneer in the industrial internet space - what have you learned on the job that you’ve applied to your personal digital approach?

One of WIN-911’s core values is continuous organizational improvement and self-improvement. So I thought I’d get help in improving my digital efficiency, to see if it’s something our employees could also benefit from.

In our brief time together, we uncovered some pretty interesting quirks and issues that popped up over time (such as mislabeled calendars). Does it sometimes feel like playing whack-a-mole when it comes to digital infrastructure?

Yes. Just an hour’s session with The Astro Lab will save countless hours of day-to-day inefficiencies.

For the most part it felt like we were doing maintenance instead of overhauling, which is always a nice feeling. How would you advise others looking to keep on top of their digital lives?

Give you guys a call!
Robbie Klein