The Relieved Mom and Her Family Photos

Andrea is a mom of two, wife of a major non-profit director, and a hard-working New Yorker at a banking company who somehow still does an amazing job of capturing family memories. 

Upon entering her apartment, you can’t help but notice the array of family portraits covering nearly every inch of the walls. But things were not all running smoothly with her 20,000+ photos.


When we first started you had your photos on two laptops, a digital camera, three SD cards, a hard drive, an iPhone, Dropbox, and iCloud. How were you surviving on that?

Very badly I'm afraid. All of my files were a huge mess and I was afraid to delete anything because I wasn't completely sure I had everything backed up. Two babies in 2 years and working full-time was definitely not conducive to any type of organization. I needed professional help!
A friend recommended Robbie and I am so glad she did. Not only was he able to compile everything together in record time after sifting through a disaster of folders with duplicates, different names, etc., but he also set me up with a system going forward that I could easily use based on my specific circumstances. 

What was your biggest fear before we built your new setup?

I was so afraid I was going to lose pictures of my kids and that I would be sitting there a couple years from now in more of a mess and never be able to dig my way out. I was really nervous to delete anything, but I trusted Robbie to make sure I didn't lose anything. He is all about simplifying, which was exactly what I needed. 

How’s it feel now to have everything in one place?

It's amazing. I seriously feel like a weight has been lifted because my pictures were so disorganized. 

Any fun projects planned? I heard you were thinking of printing some big canvas posters.

Yes, I probably want to print some more posters. I also want to finally put some baby books together! It's been 4 years already for my oldest, but now that everything is in one place, I can actually see what I have and pick the best ones. I'm really looking forward to it. 
Robbie Klein