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Organize your digital life

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After 5 years at the Apple Store, the same question came up with my customers time and time again: How can I organize my digital life?

What began as helping friends and colleagues restructure their contacts, calendars, photos, and email so they could get back to life has become the flagship service model of our high-touch tech consultancy, The Astro Lab.

The astrolabe is a tool that once helped astronomers find sense and order in a boundless sky. It’s a symbol of our work, which spans from technical to metaphysical, incorporating concepts of digital minimalism, the invisible pain, attention span adjustments, and proper software selection.

I’m proud to have been called “the digital Marie Kondo,” but what I love most is learning from our clients about their day-to-day relationships with their tech. By creating systems that improve the quality of their lives on a fundamental level, we help make everyone’s lives just a little bit easier. We’re thankful to have you with us.

Robbie Klein, Founder


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We review your tech setup and discuss how to build the ideal solution.


We design a custom tech workflow that suits your own personal needs.



We equip you with the right tools so you can focus on doing your best work.


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